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Moorishly grain free working dog food is Made In The UK with the best ingredients which is delicious and healthy for active dogs

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Perfect Healthy Grain Free
Complete Working Dog Food UK

Why is Moorishly superior to other foods you dog has tasted?

  • We use ingredients you would eat.

  • No Added Artificial Colours & Preservatives.

  • Bursting with supplements to help support healthy skin & coat.


  • Designed for active working dogs

It tastes so good!!
So good your dog may never want to eat any other food again!!

Our recipe was created by our top chefs working with our team of nutritionists to create a scrummy taste and experience for your dog inspired by the natural environment of exmoor.

Moorishly is a perfectly balanced diet to ensure your working dog has enough energy and stays fit.

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Why we think Moorishly Grain free Dry dog food is the best?

Moorishly pet is a range of naturally made, HYPOallergenic healthy dry dog foods inspired by West Somerset, Exmoor in the UK.

These foods are made to the highest possible standards with quality ingredients. Our Range of dog and food includes natural, grain free and Superfood Recipes with multiple flavours, high-grade fruit, vegetables, meat and fish to enable a balanced and enriched diet

  • Healthier Coat
  • Better skin
  • Better Breath
  • More energy
  • Excellent Nutrients
  • Healthy immune system

  • Designed for active working animals

grain free working dog foodn
healthy skin and coat
digestive health
added omega 3
sensitive digestion
no added artificial colours or preservatives
sensitive digestion
superfood blend

help & FAQS

Is Grain Free Dog Food Good For Working Dogs?

A grain free diet is simply one that does not contain any grains. Grains are a basic source of complex carbohydrates which have formed a part of our human diet.  Most Dogs can eat grains without any issues within their daily diet however some struggle to digest these much as many humans do.

Grain free dog foods play an important role for dogs who have grain intolerances and those that use high quality, natural ingredients offer additional choice as every dog is different and has their own preferences. A grain-free dog food that is packed with high-quality ingredients can work wonders for your dogs digestion.

What is the Difference Between Working Dog Food and Normal Dog Food?

The difference between working dog food and normal dog food is often just that working dog food is VAT free. There can also be differences in the feeding guides for the amount of food you should give a pet due to the activity and energy that is used during a working dogs day. 15KG bags can often be labelled as 'working dog food' for VAT purposes and not for their nutritional benefits.

At Moorishly our recipes stay the same whatever the size of the bag. Our grain free dog foods offer a range of high protein high quality dog foods with varying fat content which are all listed in our details for each food on the website.

All working dog food is available with free UK delivery

What is the difference Between Gluten free and Grain free Dog food?

Grain free dog food arrived from the gluten-free trend in human food. Many believe like humans grain can cause allergies for dogs however the evidence for this is small. The difference between gluten-free and grain-free pet foods is that gluten is the protein that is found in specific types of grain, such as wheat, barley and rye.

Gluten free food is free of these proteins but not all grain contain gluten. This means that gluten free dog food may or may not be grain free, while grain free dog food will always be gluten free.

Can Going Grain Free Help My Dog?

Dogs that suffer from conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, skin diseases, allergies, wind, constipation, diarrhoea, lack of appetite, lack of energy and many chronic health complaints may may be helped by cutting out grains. As it can make your pet feel better and healthier it can also assist with weight loss as they will be more able and willing to run around and  exercise.

There is also a growing amount of research to suggest that dogs with sensitive digestions can do well on a grain free diet. Once your vet has ruled out any medical complaint that requires treatment, following a grain free diet may, over a few weeks, make improvements to your dog’s overall state of health – especially to their digestion.

Is Grain free dog food better for weight loss?

Although some dogs are more prone to putting on weight than others, weight gain is only possible when the number of calories going in is greater than the amount being used by the dog. Therefore, to stop weight gain, or achieve weight loss, your dog has two options: to eat fewer calories or to burn more - or ideally, both.

We offer a range of grain free dog foods specifically designed for lighter diets or for senior dogs who may not be so active as they used to which means keeping weight off can be difficult for them. We also supply feeding guides to help ensure your pet is fed the recommended daily amount.

How do I change to Grain Free Dog food?

For a successful diet change, we recommend following the feeding pattern below.

The daily feeding amount should be split into two equal amounts and the proportions of new food increased over the first week as illustrated.

TOP TIPS: For those dogs who do not make eating a priority, here are some additional points:

– Reduce the number of tit-bits given during the introductory period
– If your dog has been used to eating wet food, moisten with warm water.

  1. DAY 1-2: 75% Original Diet - 25% New Food
  2. DAY 3-4: 50% Original Diet - 50% New Food
  3. DAY 5-6: 25% Original Diet - 75% New Food
  4. DAY 7: 100% New Food

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